Setting 2019 Intentions


If creating New Year's Resolutions seems daunting to you, try this: reframe your resolutions as intentions. Resolutions sound like something you have to do while intentions are something you want to do.

I've decided that my intentions for 2019 are: to be more present, carve out more silence in my day and spend more time in nature. These last two I can pair together whenever I take a solo beach walk, hike or any other adventure in nature.

About 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail by February. People often set resolutions that are too difficult or don't really believe in the resolution they have set. They've chosen resolutions they feel obligated to choose like exercise more or eat healthier.

This year, listen to your heart for a change and set intentions that you'd truly love to stick to. You'll of course need to check in with yourself often and your intentions may change as you journey through 2019, that's ok, too!

Let me know how your intention setting goes!