gain more 'white space' in your life.

More 'white space' means more time and space for the things in life that really matter. I'll teach you how to achieve this in your home, business space and life. 


business office

A well-organized office is a happier and more productive place. My services include: bladibla, bladibla, bladibla, bladibla. bladibla, bladibla, bladibla, bladibla...bladibla, bladibla, bladibla, bladibla...bladibla, bladibla.



Every person is unique and so the first step organizing personal space starts with getting to know more about you, how you live, and how your space can support you. Services include: bladibla, bladibla, bladibla, badibla. 




We start by setting up a free, half-hour consultation in the space that needs to be organized. This meeting is as much for my benefit as it is for yours get to know each other, establish needs and discuss budget and timings. I'll follow up with a plan, estimate and schedule.

the process is simple...



Contact me for a FREE, half hour consultation. We'll meet in your business or 
residential space and discuss needs/expectations, budget, schedule.


I will followup with a plan and estimate that addresses what we discussed, and we'll schedule our organizing sessions.  


I’ll come to your space, help organize it and teach you the principles.



We will evaluate results and establish a plan for the future. 

what my clients say

After two moves in less than 12 months, we needed help. Amy came in to our very chaotic new home and helped us tackle the trimming of "stuff" in an extremely calm, rational, collaborative, and supportive way. We were all for decluttering but were having trouble getting started. She really helped us get organized (check my profile, I'm a professional project management professional) and EXECUTE on the plan. Working along side Amy, we achieved our goals and the time passed quickly and enjoyably. 
She also plugged us in to the best local places to donate and recycle clothing, toys, books, and other household stuff. 
I'm so pleased we were lucky enough to be referred to Amy. I highly recommend Amy and have referred her to other colleagues at work (lots of us transferring in from out of the area).
Sue Willess Pilkington
Director, Global PMO at Deckers Brands
Amy helped me organize my closets and my whole apartment. She was stealth in driving those tough decisions on tossing what you don't need. Then, before you know it she is optimizing all the space you do have, big or small. Her great flexibility in hours is great too! 
Kristine Ribas
GE Heathcare Imaging IT Sales
I utilized Amy's organizational coaching advice and thanks to her expertise, professionalism, and scope of experience; I was able to transition to a better employment position that now allows me true growth as a professional.
David Slatus
Teacher at Glendale Unified School District


amy fritz


I'm a professional organizing coach with over 15 years teaching experience and a Master's Degree in Education. I'm also a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). 

I help individuals and businesses looking to gain a more minimalist approach in their life to organize their residential and business spaces. Read more >

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Organization is great gift for a son or daughter who has just flown the coup, a couple who've just moved in together, your best friend... Call me to discuss your needs and let me know if you'd like it in the form of a personalized physical or digital card.