Take a moment to praise yourself for what you've accomplished today

In our hurried lives, we run from this to that sometimes skipping meals and losing more and more sleep.  We cram more and more into our days all the time with the advancement of technology and Productivity Coaches teaching us how to make better use of our time.  We have daily, weekly and monthly goals.  But do we ever, after crossing something off our to do list say, "Good job!"?  Rarely, if ever.

One of the tips an Organizing Coach might tell you is to end your day with order. This simply means, clean up your desk, tie up lose ends and make your to do list for the next day.  This is an amazing tip that will help you leaving work feeling less stressed and more centered, but do we ever stop and say, "Damn, I killed it today!"?  Rarely, if ever.

I propose that we all start taking a moment at the end of each day to look back, even just for a moment, not at what we didn't complete or accomplish but what we did do.  Praise the good first before you make your to do list for the next day.