Are you ready to reclaim your time?

I believe that time is a precious commodity and far too easily wasted. 

I help people free up their time and create beautiful streamlined spaces so they can spend their time doing what really matters. 


Individual Coaching

Workspace: Create a physical workspace that allows you to be focused and productive. That means no piles of paper, miscellaneous clutter, or items that don't belong in your work space.

Email Management: Manage your email for efficiency, better flow and a lighter inbox.

Time Management: Create white space in your calendar.  You will find time to workout, spend more time with family and free time for yourself. What would you do with an extra free hour in the day?

Work Life Balance: Feel more centered with true work/ life balance.

Team Coaching

Team meeting management: how often to meet, how to communicate efficiently at each meeting, usually resulting in less meetings but using the time more effectively.

Calendar syncing: managing timelines and schedules of multiple team members.

Managing email communication: etiquette, better email communication flow (less is more!)

Project follow through: take an idea and distill it down to its’ essence.  We will plot out what will be delegated to whom, how the project will be executed including timelines and seeing the project through with check-ins to make sure project is staying on track.  



Home Organizing

Organization: Finding a place for everything

Purge: Getting rid of the things that you no longer need. I crack the whip. I know you think you need it but you really don't. 

Open spaces: Less is more, not everything needs to be filled to the brim. Create calm and peace so you can relax in your home and not be stressed out by the clutter and chaos.