The Checklist Manifesto

checklist manifesto.JPG

I just read a great book that I want to share with you that changed my life.  I’ve always loved making checklists but this solidified my love for the super simple, seemingly mundane task.  The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande was a New York Times bestseller a few years ago when he published his research on how a simple checklist can save lives, specifically in operating rooms. The simple idea was so groundbreaking that the World Health Organization has adopted the use of checklists in more than twenty countries as a standard of care.

Not only are surgeons using simple checklists to save lives, pilots do to.  There are take-off checklists and checklists for engine failure. These lists eliminate the guesswork and implement a factor of slow and steady thinking into a world of fast, constant input.

I am by no means saving lives with my checklists but for me it forces me to slow down and think through my next steps.  For me making checklists has become second nature, especially for travel. If I don’t make a checklist for my trip I will inevitably forget my charger, favorite sunglasses or worse my eye shades for a good night’s sleep.  

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