Lessons from an 11 year old


I am so grateful for my son, Asher and all the lessons he teaches me every day.  When I slowwwwww down and really listen, he is showing me the way constantly. .  

I often notice that he takes his time to formulate his thoughts, weave his story and think about what he will say next, while my mind races ahead to fill in the blanks and judge what is happening.  Not because I’m a bad person but because that’s what our brains do.  Our adult brains are constantly categorizing and comparing our experiences to past events to save time and energy.

Both Hindus and Sikhs believe that the soul of an infant chooses its’ parents to teach them lessons they are ready to learn.  And I truly believe that Asher is here to teach me what I need to learn.  What he is teaching me right now is to slow down and listen.

I am ready and willing to learn this lesson though each day I forget and need to be reminded again. And again.  And again.  Each day I wake up having forgotten I need to slow down and listen.  To the leaves rustling.  The the thousands of bees in my acacia tree humming away.  To the hawk circling overhead calling out to its’ mate.

When we really listen.  Slow down and listen.  We find the answers to questions we’ve been having or problems we’ve been trying to solve.  When was the last time  you slowed down to really listen?  Took a few deep breaths and listened. Try it.

If you’d like to slow down and find some space in your life for projects you’ve been putting off, give me a call!