I'm hanging on to it because........


I’ve been helping clients get organized for about 7 years.  One of the biggest hurdles to being organized is having too much stuff. I’ve heard every excuse as to why people can’t get rid of things.  There. Are. So. Many. Excuses. 

I’d say the most popular excuses fit into the three categories listed below.  If you find yourself making similar excuses here are the questions I ask my clients to help them LET GO. 

  • I spent a lot of money on this.  I hear this one a lot!  I bought this cashmere sweater and spent a lot of money on it. BUT, you never wear it.  It doesn’t fit anymore.  Or you just don’t really love it. 

What if you knew someone else would wear the sweater and get good use out of it?  Love and cherish it?  Would that make you feel better?  There are so many great thrift stores and charities to give used items to.  Some will even come to your house and pick the items up for you.  

  • Someone special gave this to me.  This one is twofold. Either you are attached to the person that gave the item to you, hence you want to keep it.  My grandma gave it to me and she’s no longer here and it reminds me of her.  Or you are afraid that the person that gave you the gift will ask where it is. (Which by the way I think is so rude!)

This is really sweet.  I have asked on more than one occasion, would your grandma want you to keep it if you really don’t love it?  

Or, are you hanging onto a gift out of guilt? I usually have to remind my clients that when you give someone a gift, it’s theirs to do what they want with.  Of course, you hope they will love it, keep it and cherish it but you let go once you have given it.

  • I might need it someday.  You want to be prepared. You bought that mandoline because you envisioned yourself using it. Your friend made that beautiful appetizer with hers. You have 20 table cloths just in case. Or all those file folders you’ve been saving might be useful  one day.

My next question is always, “When was the last time you used it?  Really used it. If you haven’t used it, in a really long time, you probably aren’t going to.   If this item is collecting dust, still has the tags on, or you didn’t even remember you had it, it’s time to let it go.  Again, someone else would love to make good use of it.  

So try asking yourself these questions when you’re trying to get rid of something and if you get stuck, call me!

Happy Organizing!