Two things I love- helping people get organized + international travel

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka with Dad and Asher

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka with Dad and Asher

Two things I love - helping people get organized + international travel. I've found that one of my favorite parts is planning my trips.  I love seeing new places, learning about different cultures and trying new foods. The sights and sounds of exotic locales are what dreams are made of to me.  

Before my son Asher was born, when I taught high school I travelled quite a bit. I was able to during summer, spring and winter break. There was Cambodia to see Angkor Wat, backpacking throughout Central America to volunteer in the National Parks in Costa Rica, learning to dive in Honduras and going to language school in Guatemala.   One summer, we cruised around the Aegean Sea on a Gullet in Turkey and I took students to Paris and Rome one spring.  I think one of my favorite trips to date though was two summers ago with Asher and my dad to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.  It was truly spectacular.  They say the Maldives won’t be there forever and I wanted to see them while they are still intact.

 One of the things I love most about these travels is planning the trip.  Pouring over the dreamy possibilities of what is to come.  There is usually a moment of overwhelm with so many choices but with time and research, it gradually all falls into place like the pieces in a well laid out puzzle.

  • The very first thing, as soon as you know you are ready to travel is to check your passport to make sure it’s still current and up to date.  You’d be surprised as to how many people book a trip assuming their passport is good to go. is the official site to renew and it generally takes 6-8 weeks so give yourself plenty of time.  Make a few copies of your passport,  to spread throughout your backpack and suitcase in the event of an emergency and if for any reason you lose it.

  • Check the CDC website: for up to date immunizations you would need for the countries you will be traveling to.  And of course, check with your doctor to see which ones they recommend. 

  • Pack Light! Of course it depends on what time of year you are traveling and whether you are going skiing in the Alps or to lay on the beach in Bali but you NEVER need as many clothes as you think you will. I try to take a tip from the French women who have a “uniform”. I have a few cute outfits that I can mix and match with other basics. I pack clothes that travel well, are made of lightweight materials, can be layered and don't matter if they get wrinkled.  

  • I've created a small travel first aid kit that I take everywhere, especially overseas.  It's in a clear toiletry bag and I include simple things like aspirin, ibuprofin, bandaids and neosporin.  You'd be surprised at how expensive or hard to find even simple medicines are in off the beaten path places.  I got dysentery once in Guatemala and just like to be prepared for anything.  

  • And lastly, make sure someone stateside has your itinerary.  It's easy to stay in touch, especially with free apps like WhatsApp that work internationally and allow you to message and video chat for free, as long as you have wifi.  But it's always a good idea that someone back home knows where you'll be and when.

    I'd love to help you plan or pack for your next trip!  If you'd like to book a consultation with me click here.

    Happy Organizing!