Morning Routines of Highly Successful People


I love to read about and know how entrepreneurs become successful.  I’m an entrepreneur in the first five years of my business and busy mom of a ten year old.   Is there a magic formula? Is there something in the water where they live? In all the lists I read and reviewed, I’ve distilled it down to my top 5 favorite things they do first thing in the morning.  It seems that they all have a morning routine. Not necessarily the same one but A morning routine.

1. Highly successful people  wake up at the same time every morning.  Whether it’s 5am or 7am, even on the weekends and holidays.  This way your body is used to that time.

2.   They start their morning with meditation.  Even 5-10 minutes of meditation can cause the pituitary gland to secrete endorphins associated with positive emotions and experiences.  Meditation also can help combat anxiety and slow down the busy mind. I try my best to meditate every morning and have found using the Calm app really helps.

3.  They exercise in the morning.  There are a million reasons to exercise such as it helps you sleep better, it’s good for your heart but when you do it first thing in the morning you can ride the endorphin wave all day long.  Whether it’s a 30 min walk, bike ride, swim or yoga class but moving your body every day is key to a more productive, clear-headed day.  I’m not always able to exercise in the morning but when I am, I love energy it gives me all day long.

4.  Highly successful people eat a good breakfast in the morning.  Your brain needs fuel to do your best work and think clearly.  This one is my favorite because I love to eat a big breakfast. Sauteed greens with eggs and avocado is my go to and tends to keep my fueled for hours.

5.  They start their to-do list with their highest level thinking tasks first.  Especially if you’ve meditated, exercised and had a good breakfast, you’ll be at your peak first thing in the morning.  You can leave the smaller lower level tasks that don’t take as much brain power for the afternoon when you have your lowest amount of energy.  And if you can knock out a large project in the morning, you’ll start your day off with a win!

What morning habits/ routines do you swear by?  Have you noticed any changes when you stick to them vs. not doing them?  If you’re wanting to find an extra hour in your day to incorporate anything new I’d love to help you. If you’d like to schedule a call with me click here.