Olive Oil and Vinegar Separation Party


I am not an event planner but I’ve been known to plan a party or two.  There were of course birthday, graduation (my own when I completed my Master’s), anniversary and an inauguration party where the candidate was not slated to win. She went on to be mayor for 8 years.

The most interesting party I’ve planned to date was my own separation party.  My ex-husband, Randy and I split-up when my son, Asher, was one. I wanted to acknowledge  the occasion with a meaningful event that showed we were separating thoughtfully. Randy and I had been through a lot together but we still had/ have so much love for each other and for Asher, who is now 10.  This was way before celebrities started “consciously uncoupling”. We knew no other way.

One of our favorite places to eat breakfast was next to an olive oil and vinegar place that was the perfect size.  After talking with the owners, they had the idea that everyone could also learn to taste both olive oil and vinegar.   As my mom would constantly remind me, “You know, you’re the vinegar, right?” The learning to taste would turn out to be the most fun part of the party.

In many ways, the party was simple.  Love would be at the core of everything done.  We decided that we would only invite people we were both friends with, so the list was kept to about 30.  The food was simple, delicious and from many of our favorite places. Hand made samosas from the sweet lady at the corner market, macarons from our favorite French bakery and the meats and cheeses from the great Italian breakfast place next door.

I gave a simple toast to our love and though it had morphed and changed into a new love it would continue to engulf each other, Asher and our friends.  A love that was still strong and true, just different. I was honored and humbled to have a friend tell me it was more meaningful than some weddings he had been to.

I’m proud to say, that 9 years later, Asher’s dad has a new partner and baby girl.  We are a truly modern family. Though we aren’t perfect (quite messy in fact), we are one that knows only love for Asher and all our really good friends.

Organization spills into every aspect of my life, especially the gatherings I have for friends. What’s the most meaningful, fun, unique gathering you’ve planned?