2 Step Desk Purge


Happy New Year! If  cleaning up your desk didn’t quite make it on to your New Year’s Resolution list, don’t worry.  Let’s tackle it now. Together.

A clean, clutter free desk will inspire you to work, write, and get things done that you’ve been putting off.  

If you need extra motivation imagine your work area...

...a streamlined,


....   with lots of white space that will feel zen and light.

Plus, it’s an easy 2-step process.

Before we start purging,  what is your desk used for?  Working on?  Holding financial and household paperwork?  A catchall? Hopefully, it’s not this last one because if it is, let’s change that.  The ultimate goal will be a streamlined desk that is inviting and whispers to you, “come work here”.  

  1. Go through your desk and starting with the top, remove anything that does not belong there.  Like dirty coffee mugs, kids toys and maybe junk mail that you just never got around to opening. Put things back where they belong.  File things that need to be filed. In no time, you’ll be able to see your desk again.

  2. Make a list of essentials for your desk.  Do you have the basics?  Sticky notes, stapler, tape?  Or maybe you don’t use any of these things?

And the results will leave you breathless!  You'll feel lighter, more clear-headed and less stressed.  Not to mention the time you'll save in finding things you've misplaced.

Too easy? I know, clutter has a way of coming back once you’ve cleared it. Here are my top tips for  staying on top of an organized workspace:

  1. Set a weekly appointment with yourself to clean your desk area.  Maybe every Friday, the last 15 minutes of the day to tidy up so that you'll start work Monday with a clean desk.  

  2. Don't make piles but instead set limits. Instead of continuing to pile things on, put those things away, file them or throw them out! 

  3. Create zones, for example: a workspace for your computer, library for your books, storage area for supplies and filing area for your archives.  

What are you waiting for?!  Set an appointment with yourself to organize your workspace.  And if this isn’t your forte, give me a call, I love organizing desks!